WKC is a decentralized commercial system credit investigation payment experiment, which allows the payment of tokens between performing arts enterprises, and finally achieves a decentralized credit investigation system.
14:00,23 may
List on Uniswap for public trading
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Purchase Process
The origin of WKC
WKC is freely initiated by a group of enthusiasts in the entertainment industry. Everyone holding WKC is a block super node.
In order to realize their dreams, each node will take the initiative to expand the new block super node, thus cyclically.
Promote more super nodes to join it
Every new member joining or exiting will provide a steady stream of power for the triggering of the destruction dividend mechanism, and eventually the dream of all block super nodes will gradually come true.
The Principles
WKC, Wolf King Coin is a decentralized, extremely fast deflationary currency based on unisapp. The liquid mining pool is permanently locked, and the smart contract ownership is transferred to the black hole address on the day of issuance. Since the issuer has withdrawn in the early stage,the current WKC is completely driven by the WKC community built by currency holders.
Transfer to Burning
Every transfer transaction on the WKC chain will be tax deducted by 5%, of which 3% is added to the unisapp fund pool to provide liquidity, 1% is invested in the black hole address in real time, and 1% is allocated to other holders outside the black hole address in real time.

Lennart Lopin

coder, space fanatic renaissance man

Philipp Puaschunder

Austrian (country and economics), Mathematician & genius

Sabine Priestley

Sci-Fi Author, Electrical Engineer, Cultural Anthropologist . Futurist

James L. Burk

Consulting Manager, Application Developer, Project Manager, IT Director.